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Cars&Coffee Hungary 2019

In 2018 the first Cars&Coffee event was held in Hungary officially by Cars&Coffee Hungary.

"Automobile is the smile of children when they get a toy car and push it on the floor, imagining themselves adults one day. Some collect them, some admire them, some dream of them: this is the Cars & Coffee community, where automobile is lived as a way of sharing."

The event took place next to Lake Balaton which is the biggest lake in Central Europe. As usual the cars showing up on this event are not the ones you see every day,the event is famous for displaying exotic and rare cars. The day started at this year's private venue with the morning gathering of cars which were parked at the best garden in the area.  After the arrival the guests were invited to a welcome coffee, followed by lunch, boattrip and more. The day continued after lunch as the whole caravan of cars slowly started heading towards the destination of the day: the beautiful historical Festetics Castle - the public location of the event.


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