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Raceism 2019

Despite what its name may at first glance imply, Raceism is not about hatred.

On the contrary, this major stance event in Wroclaw, Poland brings together people passionate about car culture, from all different backgrounds. The Raceism Event brings car enthusiats from all over Europe,Russia and Britain to have 3 days together with stanced,tuned cars and drifting.

The first event i attempted was in 2017 and it was another world compared to anything i had seen before. And year by year the event grows in numbers and so does the quality of the cars.

From Ferraris to RWB Porsches

“ It is a unique event on the European map of the car shows. Every year, the owners of thousands of the best projects from several countries, from Great Britain to Russia, come to Poland. Built over the years, the unique nature of the event has gained recognition among individuals and companies determining the speed of development of the European tuning scene. Uncompromising focus on quality allowed to create in Poland one of the most recognizable "stance" events in the world.”

The Japanese ladies

German squad

Stance,airride you name it and much more.”

USA and the wildcard

The organizers will have the event organized in 2020 called the Ultrace.


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